9 Cool restaurants in Madrid

It’s been a while since the last time I wrote something for Madlocal. But I promise this new post is worth the wait, because I’ve spent the last two months doing one of my favorite things: food discovery.

Here you got a very varied list: from Spanish food to Italian, Mexican, Asian, fusion cuisine and even a 2-Michelin stars chef’s restaurant for less money than what you think!

All restaurants have been tried personally by myself and some of closest ones. All pictures have been taken by myself with my shitty cellphone – sorry for the quality-, but I promise everything is delicious. Prices will always depend on what you order, but I’ll give an estimate per person. Enjoy!

Alma Cheli

Ensaladilla rusa & Gin Vermú

Alma Cheli’s chef and owner recognizes he learnt cooking with Karlos Arguiñano, a famous TV chef in Spain. The kind of dishes you’ll find in this restaurant are quite innovative. My favourite pick is ensaladilla rusa (potato salad with tuna, eggs, olives and mayo, with a pinch of caviar on top) and their Gin Vermú… you can’t order just one! Their panceta a la naranja (bacon cooked as a Chinese duck flavoured with orange) is also delicious. You’ll find these and other dishes in a restaurant that also shows one of the owner’s true loves: James Brown and soul music.

Book in advance (BIA)? Recommended. You can do it here.

Price per person (PPP): about 15 euros

Kitchen 154

Korean ribs at Kitchen 154

“Ni gastro ni pollas” (“we don’t give a fuck about gastropubs”) is a motto you’ll find at this place. Kitchen 154 offers Asian street food in a charming food market, Mercado de Vallehermoso. They have a short list of dishes, but everything is really tasty. I’m personally in love with their Korean ribs, but chicken wings are really cool.

Disclaimer: everything is spicy. Literally everything.

BIA? Mandatory for Kitchen 154 at Vallehermoso. You can do it here. Punctuality is very welcomed.

They also have another restaurant localed at Barrio de Malasaña which doesn’t need booking, but it has a slightly different food offering (Korean tacos and so).

PPP: about 15 euros


Tacos at Chapultepec
Madlocal blog

There are some Mexican restaurants in Madrid that are really good, but I personally love this one. It’s a tiny, charming place. It has a banner which claims, “We don’t have wifi, talk to each other”, and that’s the spirit of Chapultepec– talking and sharing. Tacos are the specialty, and cochinita pibil is the best one, but I also like the chicken mole one. The most expensive taco costs about 1,5 euros. They also have quesadillas, tamales and guacamole, although I recommend focusing on tacos. They also serve Mexican beers (Pacífico, Modelo, Corona – in Spain is known as Coronita), different kinds of Margaritas and Micheladas.

BIA? No, but avoid the place on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays after 21:00, it gets too crowded. I believe they have a 2×1 Margaritas offer on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

PPP: 10- 20, it really depends on your ordering.

Noi Due

Napoletan pizza with black truffle

Napoletan restaurant with an intimate atmosphere. They just cook fresh pasta and pizza al forno di petra. All the staff are southern Italians and they’re really, really kind. Everything is tasty, but my favorite pick  is the truffle pizza. Sacottini filled with pear and cheese are also  fine. Depending on how many customers are at the restaurant, service can be a bit slow, so I would recommend ordering a starter.

BIA? Not necessary, but recommended on weekends.

PPP: about 20 euros


Wellington burger at Hojaldrería

If you love puff pastries, this is your place. Everything in the menu has puff pastries, from starters to desserts! I would recommend asking for the daily offering – it includes a soup or a salad plus a main course from the general menu and it’s cheaper. Hojaldrería is located near Gran Vía and it used to be a belle époque cafeteria, new owners have respected the original decoration. I ordered the Wellington burger and it was a true discovery.

BIA? Recommended. You can do it here.

PPP: about 20 euros



If you wanna get a true high-quality Spanish flavour, this is your place. Look for the bar located at calle Guzmán el Bueno 55 if you want a 1950’s tapas bar. Look for the bar located at Claudio Coello, 116 if you want something more modern and sophisticated. Both are going to surprise you with traditional dishes prepared in the best possible way. Everything is delicious, but I would suggest green asparagous (espárragos trigueros) or green peppers (pimientos de padrón), fried calamari, jamón and ensaladilla rusa.

BIA? Not necessary, but recommended from Thursday to Saturday. You can do it here.

PPP: 25 – 30 euros

La Esperanza


This used to be an old restaurant, and now is an old restaurant with a boho touch after the new owners started running the place. You can find a menu plenty of original dishes, that mix traditional Spanish recipes with ingredients mainly from the Italian cuisine. Fideua is fantastic at this place. You better safe something for the last, desserts are delicious! (the salty chocolate one is simple amazing).

BIA? Mandatory. You can do it here.

PPP: 30 euros



I’ve saved the best for last. BiBO is an Andalusian brasserie that currently stands as one of the trendiest places in Madrid. The 2 Michelin Stars Chef Dani García – awarded for his restaurant in Marbella– has created a spectacular place with original dishes that are a true spectacle for your mouth and your eyes. One of the most popular dishes is brioche de rabo de toro, but everything is delicious. We ordered the brioche, croquetas and a red tuna tataki that was lovely. Desserts are very original, too. The staff is really nice; we went to celebrate our anniversary and they offered us two glasses of champaigne as a reward.

BIA? Mandatory. You can do it here.

PPP: 40 – 60+, very depending on what you order.

Bonus track: Alfredo’s

Alfredo's BBQ burger

If you ever feel homesick and want to have a great burger in a true American Burger house, this is your place. Meat is slowly grilled and then served with bacon, cheese and the original Alfredo’s bbq sauce. Amazing. Ribs are really good too. And they have their own Alfredo’s beer.

BIA? Mandatory. There are several Alfredo’s bars in Madrid, the oldest – and most authentic one- is located at calle Lagasca. You can book in here.

PPP: about 15 euros.

I promise I’ll try to post with a more regular basis. In the meantime, let’s enjoy Madrid as locals!

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