What is a Madrid Hack?

Hashtag #Lifehack was born with the spirit of providing internet users with easy tricks to face everyday life struggles: from DIY at home to cooking, applying for jobs, improving your relations with other people or setting your iPhone. In the same way, #MadridHack aims to provide some tricks that will upgrade your experience from tourist to a true local.

MadLocal was born to compile my favorite tricks, the ones that make Madrid a fine city, a place worth to live in and, specially, a very different spot compared to other European capital cities. I’ve been trying, testing and looking for #MadridHacks since 2009, and now I’ll share the best ones with you in this blog.

From low cost plans in Madrid to using Metro in a proper way, unexpected spots and bits of the very rich history of Spain’s capital city, this hacks aim to provide you wise and useful information to get a different side of Madrid, beyond tapas & paella pubs or fake flamenco shows. By the way, did you now that paella is very far from being a typical dish from Madrid? And that flamenco is a music with deep roots in the gipsy culture from Andalusia, not Madrid? We’ll also talk about that, if you want to follow us.

You can also share your suggestions and #MadridHacks with us in our Twitter account, @MadridAsALocal

See you, Madlocals. Keep on enjoying!